For our esteemed clients, we have come up with a premium range of Solar Water Heater. These water heaters save substantial electricity and are known for longer functional life. We can offer these for residential, industrial and official applications.


• Residents

• Offices

• Hotels

• Lodges

• Swimming Pools

• Canteens

• Hospitals

• Industries

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1 Absorber-Copper Black Chrome Selective Coating(Nalsun)

2. Fin Welding - Ultrasonic

3. Collective Box - Power coated Black

4. Collector area - 2.2 Sq. Mtrs

5. Top Cover / Glazing Toughened Glass 4 mm thick

6. Thermal Insulation - LRB Density 100 Kg/m3

8. Inner / Outer Tank - 55304 Grade

9. Inner Tank Welding - Tie Welding To prevent Corrosion


Substantial saving In Electricity

Payback period within 2 or 3 year

24hrs hot water supply (on Availability of Sun Light)

No maintenance or operating cost

Heat retention for 72 hours

Safe & long life up to 20 years


Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater