We are a leading supplier for SMF, VRLA, Tubular, Lead acid tubular & traction Batteries of reputed leading brand companies in India

Capacity Range: - 7AH to 200AH


1 year to 5 years according to Brand, Battery type & user application.

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• UPS Systems

• Invertors

• Solar PV panels

• Telecommunications Systems

• Office Automation equipment’s

• Fire Alarm & Security Systems

• Electronic PABX Systems

• Cable Television Equipment

• Electronics Attendance & cash register

• Process Instrumentation & Control

• Railway Signaling

• Power Plants & Substations

• Cellular Phones & Pagers

• Base Stations & Transmitters

• Geophysical equipment

• PCO Monitors (Electronic)

• Search light

• Potable communication Sets

• Portable testing & measuring instruments

• Medical electronics

• Marine & offshore equipment’s

• Vending machine & weighing scales

• Solar lanterns



Once The Mix Has Begun To Set, Additional Thy Material Should Not Be Added, As Performance Properties Of Plaster Will Get Altered, Thus Affecting Workability, Cohesiveness, Adhesion, And Strength. O A Single Coat Should Not Exceed More Than 8 Mm To 10 Mm Of Thickness. If At All Thickness Required Is More Than 8 Mm To 10 Mm, Then Plaster Is To Be Applied In Multiple Coats. O Use The Material Instantly After Mixing. O The Surface On Which The Material Needs To Be Applied Should Be In Line And Levelled. O Gypsum Plaster Gypo Should Not Be Applied On Surface Which Is Subjected Continuous Seepage Or Dampness.

Precaution & Safety

Wear Eye Protection, Impervious Gloves And Protective Clothing. O Advised To Avoid Direct Eye And Skin Contact And Recommended To Keep It Out Of Reach Of Chicken.

Packaging & Storage

Super White Gypsum Plaster Cr= Is Available In 25 Kg Bag. It Has A Shelf Life Of 6 Months From The Date Of Manufacturing If Stored In A Cool And Dry Location.


Surface Preparation:

Remove Al The Loose Adhering Particles From The Surface By Using Wire Brush And Potable Water. A Re- Wet The Surface Before Application To Achieve Good Workability And Higher Coverage.

Preparation And Application:

Mix Powder To Water And Not Water To Powder. Water To Plaster Ratio Is (1 Part Water And 1.5 Part Of Gypsum Plastergypinto Be Maintained To Provide Good Cohesive Workable Mix.Mix Gypsum Plaster Gyp To Water By Using Electrical Hand Mixture Rod To Form Uniform Lump-Free Paste. Install The Wooden Strip / Dhada Or Install The Leveling Strip In The Area Where The Ready Paste Is To Be Appealed.

Apply The First Coat Approx Up to 8Mm To 10 Mm Of Thickness. Before The First, Coat Sets Rake And Cross Rake The Surface.

Fill In Any Hollow Area, Level Off, And Compact The Surface, Then Apply The Final Finish Coat.After Complete Drying For Usually 72 Hrs. (Depending On The Thickness And Humidity), The Plain Smooth Leveled Surface Is Ready For Painting Application.


Solar Battery
Solar Battery
Solar Battery
Solar Battery
Solar Battery